Citrine symbolizes happiness, health, and is the famous crystal of wealth. Huang Guang is the manifestation of the strongest energy in the "Five Elements World". Therefore, the energy of citrine is strongly corresponding to matter and wealth. Very suitable for entrepreneurs or financial investors, for those who like to play stocks can also try. The citrine bracelet also allows you to maintain a good mental outlook, even if the mood is low, as long as there is a citrine bracelet around, it can help you through the emotional loss.

Place of origin

There are many places where citrine is produced, such as Madagascar, Uruguay, Brazil, Zambia, etc. Among these, Brazil's citrine is the most famous. Most of the citrine in the Chinese market is made of amethyst high-temperature color, its color is light, and there is no glamorous feeling. This type of citrine is more numerous and cheaper, and such citrine is never faded at room temperature, so it is generally accepted by the public.

evaluation standard

1, color: For any gem, color is very important, crystal is no exception. If the crystal crystal is colored, such as powder crystal, citrine, amethyst, etc., the highest standard of color evaluation is bright and moving, without gray, black, brown and other colors. Such as pink crystal, the color is better with pink; amethyst, the color is required to be fresh purple, pure and not black; citrine, the color is not green, lemon color, preferably gold orange. For hair crystals, the color of the crystal is also important. The same hair of the blonde crystal, the crystal is completely colorless (white crystal) and the crystal is slightly brown, the visual perception of the naked eye is also different, so the price of the former will be higher than the latter.

2. Clarity: The clarity requirements of crystal and high-grade gemstones are very different. High-grade gemstones are rare and rare, so it is generally not too demanding for the purity of high-grade gemstones. The output of crystal is really amazing, so people usually ask for the higher the clarity of the crystal, and try to avoid crystals with more obvious inclusions.

3, impurities: If there are legendary characters in the crystal internal impurities, such as Buddha, constellation, zodiac and other values ​​may be higher than the same color and clarity of the crystal.


Because of long-term wear, it involves the purification of citrine. Purifying the word in Latin and degaussing approximation, so it is also called degaussing. It is recorded in "Accounting for a Leap": it needs to be cleaned once every month from 1 to 3. Even the citrine needs regular cleaning. Scientifically speaking, human dead skin tissue attached to the citrine will breed fungi, and it is easy to get skin diseases without washing for a long time. The standard purification method is to wash with salt, so it has no effect on natural citrine, unlike the coarse salt of sea salt. Method of operation: 1: Remove the citrine 2: According to each citrine 10 g defensive salt 500 g water configuration. If it is purified by multiple citrines, it will increase the amount of salt that does not increase the amount of water. 3: Put the defensive salt in the filter spoon, then put the filter spoon into the water. Wait for 24 hours to complete the purification. Waiting time can be more than 24 hours, but can not be shorter than 24 hours 4: If you need to pray, after completing the previous step, take out the defensive salt, you can write on both sides of the shou shou, write your own lunar birthday, wishes, name and then have a shrine The side of the seal is placed on the spoon or on the bowl. 5: Pour the used water for purification, and the defensive declaration will end. Purification can be carried out continuously for 1 to 3 months.

cleaning method

1. Natural degaussing method This method relies on the power of nature, and it can be placed outdoors in the time when the moonlight, the sun is strong, and other weather phenomena are obvious.

2. Purify the water into a clean cup, fill it with a cup of pure water, or put a proper amount of sea salt for about four or five hours.

3. The essential oil degaussing method uses natural essential oils, and now mainly uses the essential oil of sandalwood to wipe the surface of the citrine.

4. Live water source washing and degaussing method Use some living water sources, such as creeks, waterfalls, etc., put the citrine in it and rinse it. Generally, it can be rinsed for fifteen to twenty minutes, which can also achieve the effect of purifying degaussing. The above is the most practical and simple method, you can use one method.

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