emely Ann Charming Women In order to meet the late summer and early autumn hot weather, we continue the holiday in blue with a relaxed feel, and in particular the selection of flowers like the feeling of Monet painting version to create a romantic autumn mood. Dress as a popular single autumn brings the greeting, feminine popular details coupled with profile jacket even more highlights the charm of confidence.


From the fashion capital of Paris emely Ann charm, integration of designer creativity and pragmatism, European art aesthetics and urban office workers style, take wonderful and excellent temperament deployment.

延续神秘蓝色的经典  摩登+优雅的出众调配

Charm emely adhering to the consistent simplicity of style, adhere to the exhibition space and the combination of fashion clothing brand management philosophy, so that women see their own body is the advantage of emely design art.

延续神秘蓝色的经典  摩登+优雅的出众调配

Ann charm emely clothing focus on texture, detail, self-cultivation cut, pay attention to the occasion of clothing with sex, is the originality, popularity and practicality of the perfect combination. Emely convey to women is full of texture and elegant taste of life, so intellectual fashion women in the workplace and life to show superior taste while taking into account the prevalence.

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