Luoru brand Wuhan Moore City store grand opening on August 17! Wish deer stole brand Moore City store opened in Wuhan, business is booming! LUV SYMBOLS A kind of callistemon flowers, also known as Polygonatum, is a beautiful book recorded in ancient grass.


葳 series of flowers in the name of women's popular elements nowadays, to meet the needs of today's women's purchases, to create unique style and romantic fashion brand women's.

Deer have a mainstream women's style:

葳: Mori women's style.

Main pure, natural design style. Meet people nowadays pursuit of natural, comfortable dress appeal. The overall style of clothing fresh and elegant, sophisticated style but not tedious, chic and not swagger. No exaggerated decoration, no unexpected made

Type, giving a soft, clear feeling. Respect pure and beautiful concept of life, show as fresh from the forest-like style.

You: romantic style

Mainly full of feminine style design. Blending lace, printing, chiffon and other popular elements, with romantic colors and prints, exquisite details, graceful shape. Fashionable and beautiful urban women.

Love: princess-like elegance

Main fantasy naive design style. Romantic design style, fantastic colors, exquisite lace, gorgeous skirt, elegant shape, all highlight the princess dream of every woman's heart. Meet today's women's pursuit of romantic style.


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