On the afternoon of December 10, Professor Li Dangqi, Chairman of China Society of Fashion Designers visited the headquarters of Cathay (China) Group Co., Ltd. to visit Guangzhou mainland headquarters and gave excellent design team, innovative development mode and advanced brand operation system A high degree of praise and affirmation, and the Division I in the future direction of business development put forward constructive suggestions.

After arriving at the headquarters in Guangzhou, Professor Li, Dangqi conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with senior officials of the company and heads of various departments and exchanged their ideas and thoughts with other guests on various aspects such as fashion design, brand operation and enterprise development. Suggest that we all express our views, lively atmosphere.


Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Pan Zhichao, Chairman of Cathay (China) Holdings Limited, and Ms. Tang Jie, Design Director, Professor Li visited the company's environment and various functional departments including logistics centers, production centers, design centers, operations Center, exhibition hall, etc., praised the company's humane management and orderly state of the office.

Professor Li Dangqi came to visit our company, which is the concern and affirmation of innovative garment enterprises in Guangzhou. It is also the recognition and encouragement to the succession and innovation of Chinese traditional costume culture by Carter (China). Under the leadership and support of the association, Cathay (China) Group Co., Ltd. will certainly be able to walk more steadily and in the long run on the road of independent innovation and building China's international luxury luxury brand.

Cathay Brand: The business beauty, soft beauty, intellectual simplicity, low-key luxury series of four-key tone, to create a unique style of Cathay's products. Exquisite manufacturing process, special exquisite fabrics, continue to guide the fashion trend in the process.

Tang Jie brand: the pastoral (Eden Beauty), Beauty (Flower City), mood (North Korea spend the evening), Yue Ban (Yue Yan wedding) four series as the main theme, to create the coexistence of Chinese charm and fashion brand clothing . Exquisite manufacturing process, special exquisite fabrics, continue to guide the fashion trend in the process.

Caxiasun brand: uphold the classic romantic French sentiment, as well as the noble and elegant style of the French aristocracy, to follow the modern high-grade men's needs, followed the light aristocratic fashion business mergers and leisure sports culture, healthy, stylish, elegant The way of life faces the world.

Buyer Huan Brand: "Huan Huan" is an e-commerce brand of the Carter (China) Group, which has been refined since it entered the online shopping market in China. At present, it is the leader of the leading apparel brands on the Internet in China. Currently, it is mainly operated by Cathay Group (Guangzhou) Buyer Huan Huan Network Technology Co., Ltd. to realize the business profit model of brand online e-commerce sales.

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