Time flies so fast. When I was young, I lamented that fashion was too slow. I really wanted to spend some time in the New Year. When I grew up, I felt the time flies so fast that at the end of the year, some people have been promoted to wives or Is the mother, for the family has been formed into a new year will be more harmonious, high-level family fun winter loaded new charm family. Photo credit: High Family Paternity Collection Fall / Winter 2013 Collection Red Style Corset, lovely two bow accents, classic double breasted design More stylish, mom and daughters are red woolen trench coat, very loving yes or no, cute Butterfly embellishment is like a pair of sisters, that can make young moms can make daughters more stylish. Is not only the fate of this year can wear red, red, red clothing style has become an indispensable fashion crowd style, red vest skirt, cute extreme dress, this mother and daughter smile, you still have temper it? Quickly put on your red parent-child wear with your daughter.

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