Li Si women's dresses in the last month of 2013 to sprint, beachhead sales season approaching the end of the year. Recently, another Li Si flagship store located in Shenzhen, South China City, not only to bring a touch of South China City, a new women's fashion, but also to Shenzhen, women have brought more fashion with the choice. Welcome to the beautiful ladies will visit Shenzhen South China City flagship store.


Since its inception in 2004, Li Si company has been to create South Korean women's classic quality as the goal, with leisure and classic interpretation of the era of women's self and aesthetic. In the market operation, Li Si company after years of market practice, the formation of a set of perfect operating philosophy, will be broad and deep Buddhism into the concept of market management, pursuing a "business cooperation, the Italian Youdao" business philosophy. Conduct detailed investigation and market segmentation on the market to allocate resources flexibly and quickly. To join the chain mode of operation of the market to form a "win-win" market competition mechanism for the layout of the future global brand to create a healthy structure.


Li Si a beautiful, classic style for the line of the modern fashion women's brand , ladies ladies temperament and elegant femininity is NE NEUTRAL theme. The Korean-style design-based, the introduction of European-style luxury atmosphere, blend more suitable for the oriental women's classic style.

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