[Ben Wang - shoes and life], "Mom, our class children wear high heels can be beautiful, and I want a pair." Summer came, Qunjiao flying, the reporter noted at the mall, high heels shoes trend also Guajin counter. Not only is it rich in colors, but also in various styles, even the popular "fish head shoes" can be found in adults. However, orthopaedic experts said that girls are generally fully developed until the age of 13, and it is better not to wear high heels until then.

Injuries caused by high heels

The damage to the lumbar spine in high heels is relatively slow and more easily overlooked. Especially when wearing heels in adulthood, lumbar muscle strain occurs in order to maintain the balance and cause the psoas muscle to contract for a long time. Increased lumbar curvature will also increase the burden on the facet joints, causing cartilage wear and bone hyperplasia.

Children's ankles are still under development. Muscles are weak and the joints are unstable. It is easy to stumble and stumble. If a customary ankle injury is formed, it is difficult to wear high heels steadily when she is an adult.

Zhang Xuejun, chief physician of orthopaedics at the Children's Hospital, said that the clinically common bighorn hallux valgus, mostly patients with small girls, many of which are caused by improper wearing high heels. Too high a heel can change the force of the arch of the child and affect normal development. For children who are congenitally suffering from hallux valgus or flat feet, wearing high heels can aggravate the symptoms.

For children's shoes, the height of the heel, with 1-1.5 cm is appropriate. And the sole should be slightly harder, because when the child walks, the body center of gravity is all in the feet, if the sole is too soft, easy to center of gravity.

Peking University First Hospital, deputy chief physician Li Jun and other experts said that although there is no child shoe heel height and disease data research, but the children's group also applies to adult data, and the proportion may be higher. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures of sindhi shoes)

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