The most sweaty and hottest seasons in a year are coming, which is another challenge for women in addition to dysmenorrhea and also for men.

Figure: Liang Jing underwear

But even so, we still can not relax the requirements of the underwear, some with gathered, the effect of underwear is still to be prepared on a few sets, or to increase the thickness of the chest line is also essential, and often, many outerwear still Need their help.

闷热潮湿的季节应该如何挑选内衣 需要注意些什么

Figure: Liang Jing underwear

More importantly, dear in the selection of underwear, there are also special needs attention: 1, comfort is the key, absorbent, breathable material is the preferred material; 2, in the case of underwear fit, wear underwear time should not be too long , Reduce the wear time can relieve chest tightness and other discomfort; 3, nothing more when you can do chest exercises or lift the upper limb to promote blood circulation.

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