Despite the "shuffle" of the apparel industry as a whole due to the external environment, internal competition and technical updates in 2013, Wuhan Avery Garments Co., Ltd. ("AMBI season ") has maintained a growth rate of 3.4% per annum Discount apparel industry leader. The fundamental, with her continuous focus on the operation of its own brand, the innovation of the discount mode of investment is not unrelated to the exploration.

Now that she embarks on a new journey, she focuses her attention on the long-term brand development of the full line of apparel products in China and gives a more comprehensive consideration of the development of the entire industrial ecosystem. In a recent interview, COO COO COO Yang Jun made a full share.

Came to the headquarters of Wuhan Avery Rui Garments Co., Ltd., the first thing that catches the eye is the most eye-catching line on corporate culture wall "IFREE - the first brand of Chinese women's discount." Not short but long and thriving text throughout the country more than 400 apparel chain stores, eight departments of the company nearly 200 employees work together to make this sentence after seven years of tempering forward and supreme glory and thus more and more shine. From OUTLETS explore the characteristics of Chinese models, to the first "love season without the famous Fare Collection," the advent of today's shops have annual sales of over one million outstanding achievements, love no season has become a worthy of the garment industry enterprises learn from Brand operation model.

OUTLETS of the last century, today's love without season

In the 90s of last century, outlets outlets as a foreign word from the United States is still a novelty. At that time, China's apparel industry had not yet entered the "brand era," lacking the productivity of its own brands. Many apparel factories relied on export trade apparel to obtain large orders, and Beijing's foreign trade shops were also very popular. Many of today's well-known brands are the time of the development of foreign trade clothing manufacturers!

No quarter brand love the early days, can not copy the Outlets "hypermarket" situation, because people generally do not have the ability to consume international luxury brands. "Only change the way of thinking," Yang always said, "love the season-free founder Wang led the team came to Beijing, this time he has been targeting a business opportunity - 'through low-cost acquisition of foreign trade Weihuo wholesale to meet China's large Market, "they may not have imagined that their pioneering marketing model will revolutionize the Chinese apparel industry because its future name is' brand discount. 'With no season, it is also destined to shoulder the great mission of developing the domestic brand discount.'

In 2007, love no season began to explore the "brand discount store" business model, the same year in July, in Wuhan, the first "love no season famous Outlets" turned out to be located in the best-selling women's brand convergence, the whole day to 2-4 fold sales to meet the real needs of the majority of the middle class for quality, quality, and seeking truth-seeking benefits, marking the beginning of love without season to open up brand discount operation of the precedent! From this momentum, all the way sang brave, laid the foundations of love without season today in the brand discount industry leader!

Love without quarter accurate positioning brand discount marketing

Since the reform and opening up, the increase of per capita income has promoted the prosperity of the domestic economy and industry, the rapid liberation of the productivity in the traditional garment industry, the surging apparel industry, and more and more brands starting to appear in people's eyes. Consumption habits of consumers have also been upgraded from stereotyped non-brand consumption to more and more personalized brand needs. Brand clothing has its own positioning, but love no season positioning "a shop includes all the best selling brand", love no season named ex-gratia Museum, to see the clothing both brand and style, to consumer brand consumption at the same time, Fully cover more consumers for different brand clothing needs!

"A cheaper three love" since ancient times are the reasons for doing business, love without season adhere to the "quality and cheap," just because of the initial preparation of the full. Yang always explained: "Relying on the strength of the Group, love no season and the brand manufacturers signed an exclusive supply agreement, with unexpected low price into the first hand full range of brand Weihuo resources and unplanned orders." These goods directly to love without Quarter of 400 chain stores in the country, eliminating the cost of intermediaries, low-cost brand promotion to meet the natural needs of women consumers, "wardrobe always less a dress," the consumer demand in the past the price of a garment, you can now buy 2 Set of 3 sets, natural shop hot!

Today, the success of love without season, is to clear their own brand positioning, improve the quality of product enhancements, continue to explore advanced mode of operation to get consumer brand recognition! Only the real point of departure from the consumer's perspective and demand, in order to arouse the resonance of consumers on the brand, in order to establish brand loyalty!


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