On June 29, 2014, Vivian Hsu and Lee Yun-fong, on the eve of a private wedding in Bali, were very happy and excited to share the blessing of a private wedding. Many netizens said that the goddess finally got married. Do you want to become goddess vanity like Vivian Hsu? Then look at the goddess of ECA temperament installed several recommendations for your dress.

Want to quickly transform the goddess, then dressed in white dress must have been more suitable for a single product friends, ECA white dress shoulder hollow small sexy, elegant lace show women's inherent qualities, high waist line even more figure, cascading Stacked skirts like spray beautiful aesthetic. I believe even if you handsome, wear it you will certainly be tempered.

女神徐若瑄大婚 ECA夏季新品让你变身女神

If you want to transform the goddess, but also suffer from can not find their own style, then ladylike temperament installed is categorically not wrong. ECA mint green dress, soft and luxurious pearl like star decoration, it is shining, simple line cut and proper waist, any figure can be controlled, in a cool weather with a small white suit, goddess van full range of Oh.


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