As a kind of high-end art, crystal carvings are vivid and clear, full of vivid colors, realistic value of viewing and lucky town houses, the meaning of Nafu Jubao, and the spiritual effect of crystal, the crystal carvings are subject to More and more people love it, people rush to buy collections, and the best appreciation of the pieces is more room for appreciation.

So what is the significance of collecting crystal carvings? Here I will give you a brief introduction.

First, the meaning of viewing. Compared with other materials, the crystal carvings can give people a clear feeling, which makes people feel good and happy. The magnificent brilliance from the smooth lines is also incomparable with other materials. As a product of nature, crystal will inevitably leave traces of nature, bright hair in the crystal, and ever-changing inner inclusions in the ghost crystal. These are the masterpieces of nature, plus artificial carvings. It is the combination of human and nature's craftsmanship to the extreme.

Second, the auspicious meaning. There are many themes of crystal carvings, each of which has been given auspicious meaning, and people take their homonyms to express their good wishes. For example, "fish", the meaning of "more than a year", "cabbage", the meaning of "hundred wealth", this also reflects the development of folk culture of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Third, crystal spirituality. It is well known that crystal has a lot of effects, so the carvings made of crystal will not lose its effect. White crystal carvings have the function of purifying and purifying, which can help you improve your memory and improve your academic and career. Amethyst carvings have a balanced effect, which can enhance your courage and strength; citrine, green ghost crystal, hair crystal, etc. This kind of crystal carvings is mainly fortune, and it has a role of collecting wealth and collecting wealth.

4. Crystal is a non-renewable resource, and the amount of mining is less and less. This directly affects the price of crystal carvings. It collects a good crystal carving piece, and its appreciation space is very large. The larger the carving, the more strange the shape. The faster the appreciation.

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