Fashionable fast-changing, really let you unpredictable. But Xiao Bian feel as long as suitable for themselves, wear on their own to release their beauty, then this dress is absolutely stylish. So what kind of clothes for you? Classic fashion striped dress how, in fact, the more classic the more wild more resistant to look. Here's a look that can Mei bring sweet striped dress it! Highlight the curve exquisite beauty!


A red and white striped dress, at first glance, sweet atmosphere blowing. Beautiful red and white stripes, is the essential color of the age reduction Oh! Sweet color and white lace blend with each other, very fresh goddess van! With a pair of fish head high heels, filling your charm!

夏季甜美条纹连衣裙 凸显曲线玲珑美

The umbrella skirt is the style of this summer trend. Pompon design, very three-dimensional sense. This black and white stripes blend of vibrant prints, extra sweet. Sleeve with white lace, but also exudes a little sexy woman. The length of the skirt, just the perfect stretch legs lines, even more slender.

Picture source: lovely women's clothing

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