Textiles and "Made in China 2025"

"Made in China 2025" emphasizes innovation-driven, intelligent transformation, strengthening the foundation, and green development, leading the manufacturing industry from a big country to a strong country. In recent years, the state has successively issued policies and measures such as the “Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution,” and increased investment in infrastructure such as railways, highways, environmental management, and water conservancy projects, and accelerated the development of strategic emerging industries, pension industries, and emergency industries. The industrial textile industry, as an important integration point between the textile industry and strategic emerging industries, will play an important role in many fields.

1, environmental protection

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, air pollution prevention and control can focus on the development of high-performance fiber filter fine processing, bag dust removal project energy saving applications, hazardous materials (British, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals, etc.) collaborative treatment and other technologies, while speeding up Non-woven automotive filters, air cleaners, and filter fabrics for vacuum cleaners have been developed.

Water resources utilization and pollution treatment and treatment can focus on the development and application of safe drinking water separation membrane materials and technologies, new hollow fiber separation membrane materials, reverse osmosis membranes for seawater desalination, and the use of separation membrane materials for the reuse of wastewater.

Land pollution control can focus on the development of tailings repair geotextiles, heavy metal adsorption treatment of geotextiles, ecological slope protection and reinforcement of geotextiles and other products.

2. Emergency and public safety

Earthquake, flood and other natural disaster prevention and response can focus on the development of large-stress large-diameter high-pressure drainage and drainage hoses, high-performance fiber composite structure rescue cables, high-strength and high-stability functional disaster relief tents, high-grade virus and epidemic isolation clothes, and complete sets of rescue textiles. Equipment, rapid filling of leak-blocking fabrics, disaster prevention and hazard-reinforced textile materials and other products.

Fire, production safety accident prevention and emergency can speed up the development of structural design and coating development of high-temperature protective clothing, high-performance flame-retardant fabrics, anti-nuclear clothing resistant to transient high temperature and flame, conductive protective clothing for conductive fibers, fire-fighting equipment for home use, Escape rescue ropes, mine safety emergency hedges and other products.

Public safety and health aspects can speed up the development of intelligent counter-terrorism riot clothing and equipment, bio-resistive breathing masks and protective clothing, anti-nuclear contamination protective clothing, major epidemic-response series of textiles, systematic fire service outfits, emergency rope rescue packages, etc. product.

3, military and civilian integration

Under the precondition of ensuring defense industry needs, we should actively promote the use of textile materials (such as ropes, threads, ribbons, fabrics, fabrics, etc.), high-performance composite materials and equipment (such as carbon/carbon composites designed for rockets and automobiles). Materials, aramid, carbon fiber, high-strength and high-modulus polyethylene fibers, aryl sulfone and other high-performance structural reinforcement products, etc.), functional materials and technologies (such as radiation protection, antistatic, fire retardant, impact resistance, electromagnetic waves, etc.), Applied to safety protection, transportation (such as large ship or drilling platform mooring and positioning), high-grade friction materials, heat-resistant materials, sports and leisure (such as sports umbrellas, parasols, tourist tents, canopy materials, landscape decoration, etc.) field.

At the same time, we should speed up the promotion of high-tech fiber and products processing, multi-axial warp knitting, waterproofing and steaming and other civil fields of advanced technology and products, and actively participate in the defense industry in the field of supporting services.

4. Health and pension industry

In the health and pension industry sector, we can focus on the development of functional biomedical dressing special fibers and products such as chitosan and polylactic acid, focusing on the development of a wide range of core materials and biodegradable materials based diapers, adult incontinence products, and accelerating the development of new dialysis membranes. Materials, absorbable medical sutures, and tissue and organ restoration materials, etc., accelerate the development of smart textiles such as wearable intelligence signs and monitoring suits, and accelerate the development of functional textiles such as health care, mitigation and rehabilitation for multiple diseases of the elderly.

5. Other fields

The new energy automotive industry can focus on the promotion of lightweight carbon fiber, Kevlar composites, battery separators, high temperature smoke pipes, and airbags. Carbon fiber, high-strength high-modulus polyethylene, aramid fiber and other high-performance fiber composite materials, as lightweight, high-strength new materials, can be used in aerospace, advanced rail transportation equipment, smart equipment manufacturing, and other aspects to enhance, reduce weight, energy saving and other effects.

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, it will continue to develop and promote multi-axial fabric reinforcements with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, environmental protection, and recyclability. Some of the alternative metal materials are used in lightweighting vehicles; Domestic aramid honeycomb materials are used in lightweight applications of aviation, high-speed rail, racing cars and other related products; advance structural reinforcement of textiles from small prefabricated parts, secondary load-bearing parts to large parts, and structural parts; focus on highway guardrails, flexible pipe cans, domestic Automobile aramid tube systems and other small varieties of structures enhance the industrialization of textiles.

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