AITU women's clothing is not a simple pursuit of the current trend of the popular brand. AITU advocates a sense of surprise by surprise, innovative classic style, to add street-inspired asymmetric design and short and long proportion of games, combined with soft lines, the cool neutral and feminine elements of the perfect combination, showing chic neat Will be feminine.
When you see AITU products, my mind flashed a handsome, neutral, with a feminine style cool image. AITU series of single product is the pursuit of a high degree of wearability and collocation, in the unique style of the needs into the more suitable for everyday wear tailoring, which is a new fashion spirit, and this spirit is a trend-setting Real fun.




The AITU2015 early autumn series advertising blockbuster release. In this large-scale filming, the mottled wall reveals a bleak autumn, low-key elegant colors but full of charm, the combination of the two to create a seemingly calm but in fact surging mood.

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