What is modern? Modern is the transliteration of English modern, meaning modern, timely; novel and fashionable. So what price elegant? Elegance is a kind of harmony, it is a kind of beauty, it is more noble quality. Elegance is the essence of culture and art reflected in the bones, is the spirit of being admired by people. When the modern and elegant meet unexpectedly, what kind of effect will be. Xiao Bian will take you to enjoy the unique style below, the Philippine Yong Lan butterfly to create the most dazzling women's .

菲雍兰蝶 - FLYONDE

Solid color tone, but exudes endless color. Ingenuity style design always bloom with dazzling light, with a metal belt is the crowning touch. What is the show this summer? Micro-Lu waistline, the body set off more sophisticated. Step on a pair of high heels, you are not only your own queen, it is all Queen.

当摩登与优雅不期而遇 打造最璀璨女装

If you still dislike the old black and white, then you are the real old fashioned. Classic black and white, different design styles often deduce a stunning charm. Like these two costumes, simple but not simple style and collocation, the overall temperament is more temperament, the gas field emitted from the inside without any stop.

Photo Source: Philippine Yong Lan Butterfly Women

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