Founded in 2006, Guangzhou Yuchen Garments Co., Ltd. has a strong brand of "MIFEIMAO MIFEIMAO" under the design, development and technical management. Its successful operation and management experience, brand operation mode and professional norms Professional ethics, consumer health and environmental protection to enjoy the shopping and spending. At present, "MIFEIMAO MIFI CAT" children's clothing chain monopoly has grown to more than 50, the company's development goal is to fully explore the domestic and foreign markets, providing consumers with healthy, environmentally friendly children's wear, and constantly enhance the brand value and image. In good faith cooperation and the principle of mutual benefit, continue to draw on advanced management experience and management skills, improve service quality, build first-class children's wear at home and abroad brand. "MIFEIMAO MIFI CAT" and "BBBABI PIGBY" children's wear are market-oriented, adhere to product innovation, quality assurance, reasonable pricing and considerate service. Adhering to the urbanization of "Leisure, Fashion, Sports, Health and Environmental Protection" style. At the same time, it draws on the popular elements of Europe and the United States, integrates the differences between the North and South regions in mainland China and the characteristics of Chinese children and optimizes the lively, healthy and positive character of children. It is deeply loved and followed by many consumers. "MIFEIMAO Miffy cat", "BBBABI pig Barbie" people from bit by bit to start, every point is required to be perfect. In fashion design, starting from the ergonomic principles, the use of three-dimensional shape accurate measurement; in the processing technology, the world's advanced level of cutting technology and production lines to ensure that each child's clothing cut decent, simple and smooth, fine workmanship, more wear Comfortable; in color, the fresh, bright, elegant green color as a basic color, with popular highlights as a decoration. "MIFEIMAO Miffy cat", "BBBABI pig Barbie" brand children's clothing variety and a strong sense of the series, the pursuit of simplicity at the same time emphasize the compatibility between a single product to enhance the overall effect. "MIFEIMAO MIFFORD CAT", "BBBABI BABY BABY" accessories include hats, backpacks, scarves and trinkets, the design, choice of materials and color and clothing line. Clothing and accessories are free to choose, mix and match. Fully show personal dress ideas and taste personality.

There are various brands in the market that sell Grosgrain ribbons and quality are hugely dependent on the production and price. our store that sell this kind of ribbons offer soft materials with an exceptionally smooth and gentle finish in matte style. Fine textiles with the pure classic corded look work perfectly for all kinds of projects related to crafts, fashion and even for the elite gifting purposes. There are varieties of designs that are available in grosgrain ribbons.

Grosgrain Ribbon

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