Health bullet underwear selection of high-end lace at home and abroad and popular underwear surface accessories, with innovative and stylish design, unique ingenuity of the production process, to show the fashion concept of fashion, interpretation of a "beautiful, stylish and comfortable" Underwear space; fitness bullet underwear blend beautiful, elegant design and ergonomics, fat and mechanics, and in accordance with the women's age, height, calculate the female body's "number of curves", in line with the human body curvilinear design , After long-term try to improve the development made.


Shantou City, Li Yuen underwear Industrial Co., Ltd. production areas to bras, underwear, Diao Diao Skirt, adjustable bra, functional underwear, etc., the successful creation of the well-known domestic "Jian Er shells" underwear brand ; the brand products using advanced European fabrics , With different design concepts and styles committed to the integration of European romantic and realistic aestheticism in the Eastern mysterious introverted classical culture, so elegant and sexy in the "Health bullets" products have been enjoyable interpretation and bloom, the domestic new trend Women wear "Jian Er Dan" products at the same time enjoy the "Jian Er Dan" brought by the fashion and comfort of the brand intrinsic, access to underwear industry alike. Product sales network throughout the country.


"Health bullet" brand in the domestic market for overall planning, unified market brand image, and actively introduce the franchise marketing model, one after another in all cities in the country to establish thousands of brand franchise stores, and in the national underwear market is rapidly expanding The way to conquer new territories, become underwear industry's most development potential and competitiveness of the brand.

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