Guangdong Heng Yu Garment Co., Ltd. is the chairman of Mr. Zhang Yuqin founded in 1988, Xin Yu textile companies from the initial sales of fabrics, and gradually developed into a strength, advanced production, with 5 million registered capital and denim Casual wear-oriented, set fabric research and development, fashion design, production, sales 诶 one of the specialized modern large-scale integrated clothing company, the current constant rain company in Guangdong Xintang town has a collection of fashion design, denim fabric research and development of the production base, the perfect realization From the development of fabrics to garment production integration, one-stop production management, the company strictly implement Total Quality Management (TMQ), from the production of fabric quality began strict control, after 20 years of hard work, and now has nearly 1,000 sets of clothing Cowboy garment factory car. Constant rain company has advanced European production equipment, Jimei, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other top fashion trend designers, thousands of cowboy production personnel, tens of thousands of square meters plant, a mature quality control management system, mature Industrial chain, a solid accumulation of capital, professional team, constant rain only refinement, not for the wide, fight the first, creating the only, 20 years to concentrate on professional development jeans business. In 2008, Heng Yu successfully acquired the ownership of the Hong Kong brand "Yupai TOUCHBLUE" in mainland China for production, management, development and sales and became the exclusive Chinese brand operator of Hong Kong brand "Yupai TOUCHBLUE". Constant rain people fully integrated the cowboy industry chain, through the clutter, crossing the chopper, breaking the barriers in the production of research and development, fabrics and accessories carefully selected, technology excellence, all the "rain TOUCHBLUE" denim have been 3D stereo cut, after 26,000 needles sewing, 128 procedures, 30 times ironing stereotypes, 18 after the whole inspection, and strive to make the most of articles, sections comfortable, inner moving, external tempting. In order to achieve the company five years as a famous denim brand, the success of the "rain sent TOUCHBLUE" to build the first brand of Chinese jeans ambitious goals, we accelerate the pace of progress, establish and improve the talent system, "cowboy experts" as the brand culture to "Positioning personalized, style of leisure, the design of the frontier, the price of popular, fine tailoring, noble fabrics, quality assurance, human services" as the brand strategy, expansion of senior management team, through two years Direct operating store operations Groping and concluding, in 2009 decided to officially launch the most innovative franchise franchise system, determined to mature quickly into the market with the brand, the successful experience of copying the country, so that more entrepreneurs stand the winner Shoulders reduce the risk of business, with a good reputation and quality products, the current "Yu School TOUCHBLUE" dozens of franchise stores, nearly 100 franchise stores, has now formed a research and development, production, marketing, human resources, finance Five centers of modern operation system, the company throughout the country to establish a number of branches, hundreds Franchisees, in good development situation, the constant rain company is a big step forward towards robust!

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