Yesterday, the National Standard Approval Conference for "General Technical Requirements for Jade Carvings" was held in Yang. At the meeting, the experts and masters of the China Light Industry Federation, the China Arts and Crafts Association, and the major jade manufacturers and industry associations in the country gathered together to examine and approve the draft “national standard” of jade articles and complete the approval draft. After the approval of the National Standards Committee, the first national standard of the jade industry based on "Yangzhou Workers" is expected to be officially released during the year.

According to the requirements of the National Standards Committee and the China National Light Industry Council, the China Arts and Crafts Association established a standard drafting group with Yangzhou Jade Factory as its leader in March this year, and completed the general technical requirements for jade carving on April 18 this year. The revision of the "Draft for Soliciting Comments" formed a draft for review. Yesterday’s meeting finalized the revision and revision of the draft for review and formed a draft report for approval by the National Standards Committee.

The "General Technical Requirements for Jade Carvings" was first proposed by Yangzhou Arts & Crafts Group Co., Ltd. in order to standardize the jade industry and market. The main content of the standard is based on "Yangzhou Workers", and it integrates the jade carving varieties and technical requirements of major production areas in the north and south, and comprehensively and comprehensively covers the requirements of the modern jade carvings. The "General Technical Requirements for Jade Carvings" after the implementation of the approval is China's first universal standard for the jade industry.

It is understood that the jade “national standard” puts forward requirements and regulations for the shape, workmanship, quality, polishing, bases, inspection methods and inspection rules, signs, and packaging of finished jade products, and puts forward the requirements for carving jade carvings, which is conducive to standardization. Jade quality assessment, standardize the national jade industry's standardization process, and maintain the healthy development of the jade market.

According to reports, after the standards are approved, the China Light Industry Federation will be announced on the Internet, accepting suggestions and opinions from professionals across the country.

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