[China Glass Network] "Doing online sales, reputation is particularly important. An order, rather than doing it, can not let customers give you a bad review." Xiao Chen is the sales director of a ceramic mosaic shop. He told reporters that Taobao has set strict penalties for customer quality and service disputes. Therefore, all manufacturers who open stores online and want to operate for a long time attach great importance to the credit evaluation of customers. And customers mostly like to go to the diamond-level stores to place orders. In addition, the average consumer must look at the customer evaluation before placing an order. If a bad review is found, it will seriously affect its trust. Last year, Xiao Chen had made a bad review for a client and ended up with a compensation of 200 yuan for the customer to modify the evaluation.
Wu Jinbiao believes that the customer should conduct full online communication with the customer before placing the order, and make clear to the customer the problem arising from the online sales process, and will improve the customer's satisfaction. To this end, the guppies have made detailed tips and announcements in the online store, such as “buyers' instructions”, “transportation methods” and “construction methods”, so that customers can understand the problems and solutions in the sales process before placing orders. And method. In addition, the company's online customer service throughout the day, will fully solve all the problems raised during the customer purchase process, to a large extent to customer satisfaction. Once the customer has any complaints, they will go all out to solve the problem and get the praise of the customers. In fact, online sales, especially the sales of Taobao Mall, the store's service to customers is better than the physical store. This aspect is Taobao's strict customer service rules, including the first payment system, and on the other hand, the store is expanding sales and earning. A more effective means of promotion taken by word of mouth.
The reporter saw in the flagship store of the guppies, according to the monitoring of Taobao.com, the store has violated the rules for more than 150 days in the evaluation of “violation”. In the “Refund Dispute” evaluation, there has been no refund for more than 60 days. In the “Complaint Dispute”, there have been no complaints for more than 240 days. Good reputation makes the guppies become the hot-selling brand in Taobao Mall.
At present, the sales model of domestic building sanitary ceramic products is still based on regional distribution and branch companies, especially high-end brand enterprises. Dr. Yin believes: "Under this mainstream system, building materials supermarkets still have a long way to go. The arrival of the e-commerce era will take time. The larger ones may be that low-end products and direct-selling products are easier to enter the building materials supermarket. And e-commerce. On the other hand, because of the price transparency, e-commerce will form relative competition, confrontation and conflict with traditional regional distributors, distributors, distributors, designers who serve them, and peripheral procurement salesmen. This also limits the development of ceramic e-commerce to a certain extent.

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