Shanghai Liangui Garment Co., Ltd. was established in August 2005, the same year Alpina (International) Co., Ltd. formally contracted to become Italy · Alpinar (LALPINA) brand business men's series of mainland China development and distribution rights cooperation and development Business Responsible for brand development in mainland China and brand management. The company advocates people-oriented operating philosophy, with a large number of well-known brand market operation and construction of the elite talent. The company has marketing, design department, planning department, logistics department, warehouse department and other business departments. Has formed a research and development design, sales promotion, logistics and distribution, and after-sales service integration of the operating system. The reality of the company three flat management structure, a clear job responsibilities, improve the system, smooth upload information, reflecting the 1 + 1> 2 team advantage. The company is committed to bring high-quality Chinese men's dress to enjoy, and in branding has made great success, L'ALPINA (Alpina) brand throughout the country, the city's first-class shopping malls in the industry Enjoy higher visibility and reputation. At present L'ALPINA (Alpina) brand in the major cities in China's first-line shopping malls to set up nearly 200 brand management counters, the company is now in rapid development stage, L'ALPINA (Alpina) brand franchise in the Chinese market Model more full of confidence. L'ALPINA (Alpina) brand are using a selection of high-level fabrics, also continued the usual refined, simple fashion style. It is foreseeable that the market prospects and sales potential are unlimited.

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