When buying home textile products, especially cotton products, the most worrying issue is naturally the problem of fading. Bright and beautiful bedding, if it fades, it is in vain. This is why many people choose to buy home textile brand products. Xianhe Home Textiles is eye-catching and teaches you to accurately identify the problem of fabric fading and fading. Because many people tend to mistake the two.

The bedding made by a good home textile fabric has a slight floating color when it is washed for the first time, but it does not affect its own smoothness and brightness. After repeated washing, the color is still bright as before. It is a really good bedding. Some brands of bedding, even if they do not fade, use faded, that is because the use of dyes is not good. In the air for a long time, the color is oxidized, resulting in the loss of the original luster. Q, I can't ask anything. If you ask, you can't get the right one. The answer you want, the thing you ask, is not what you really care about. So, only after you use it can you really Compare it out.

The color is faded because the dye does not go clean during the printing process, and the floating color is formed. Strictly speaking, as long as it is a cotton product, there is no color, so those who answer your "not fade" need to be more careful, mostly chemical fiber products. So, since they are all faded, how do you distinguish between good and bad?

The so-called fade, after washing, the water will contain some of the color on the fabric. Then, please pay attention to this time, the color drop and fading are strictly separated, the degree of color loss is an important indicator is the color fastness. Once a buyer was on a business trip, the quilt cover and sheets were thrown into the washing machine for a week, and returned. When I washed it, I found that it didn't fade at all. However, it is a coincidence that her bed is lighter in color, so the effect is obvious. For the dark, or all-black models, there will definitely be a slight discoloration. This time should be careful not to put some white fabric together for a long time soaking, generally not longer than 30 minutes is better. Then, the following will focus on a key point. After the color is finished, many home textile brands with poor products will find that the original bright and colorful pattern has become dark and dull, even without color. This is consumption. The fading problem that people really care about.

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