Teach you how to choose ice floating flower jadeite Jade, since ancient times, has been an enduring collection on the Chinese market, and the extent of Chinese people's preference for jade is no less than Hetian Yu. Jade in the market has the highest price, and the closer to Zhengyang, the higher the price. Second, there are violets and yellow peony roots. The other color jade on the market, in fact, as long as the texture is good, the water is good, the color is positive, high permeability and other high-quality jade can sell high prices.

Emerald floating flower, refers to the green or blue silk thread in the emerald base bracelet. Emerald's foundation, that is, the basic part of emerald to remove the green part. The filigree green or blue floating on the base of jade is called floating flower.

You can consider the following aspects when choosing ice floating jade bracelets:

The main mineral composition of the floating flower jadeite is jadeite. The more refined the crystal particles of the jadeite, the better the head of the floating ice jade bracelet and the better the texture. The secondary constituent of the color floating flower jadeite is hornblende or omphacite, forming part of floating flower. The floating color of hornblende minerals will be darker, often blackish green, and the value is not high. The floating flower of the floating ice jade bracelet is finely veined, silky, tussock-like and distributed in white jade, which is of relatively high value.

The crack cracking includes a great influence on the durability of the jadeite, so it will greatly influence the value of the jadeite and should be noticed especially when selecting the jadeite bracelet.

In short, the finer the germplasm, the better, the water head is full, the more transparent the better, the closer the floating color is to positive green, the better the germplasm is.


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