"I believe one day we will certainly use our space technology to train foreign astronauts, including the ability to fly foreign spacers on our Shenzhou spacecraft into space." Press release on China's manned space project on June 24, 2012 People Wuping introduced the Temple One and Shenzhou nine rendezvous and docking rendezvous test after the case said so. People in the history of China's space epic, never forget the diligent pursuit of aerospace dreams and march into their own pace! And there is a figure, followed by the pace of China's spaceflight, in its own unique way, recorded this section of brilliant and special history. Jiasheng jewelry, China's manned space office, the National Museum of China precious metals franchisees, spaceflight in every important moment in history, dedication for the people a space collection feast! Dreams come and go Jusheng phase November 20, 1999, Jiuquan China's first unmanned spacecraft "Shenzhou" spacecraft took off in the sky Jiuquan: Jiasheng jewelry company was officially established the same year, JIA Sheng and China Space dream, kicked off here. At 15:00 on October 15, 2003, China's first self-developed "Shenzhou" manned spacecraft with astronaut Yang Liwei launched spacecraft, which is the first manned space flight in China: carrying dreams and passion for spaceflight. Sheng jewelry stores throughout the country Shenzhou five gold bars starting. October 12 to October 2005 Shenzhou-6 manned spacecraft for the first time our two astronauts Feijun Long, Nie Haisheng at the same time sent to space; Jiasheng jewelry also introduced Shenzhou VI commemorative bullion! October 24, 2007 Chang'e 1 launch, Jusheng jewelry also launched "Chang'e 1" series of gold bars. On September 25, 2008, the Shenzhou Spacecraft manned spacecraft was launched, with Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng's avatars of "God Seven" gold bars selling at various counters in Jiasheng Jewelry. On June 16, 2012, Shenzhou-9 and manned orbiting Tiangong-1 target aircraft were rendezvous and docking. Among the three astronauts carried by the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft, the world's first woman astronaut appeared in the world. June 17, 2012, Jusheng jewelry limited edition "God nine gold bars", then triggered a new round of God nine collections collection trend! Aerospace collection authority issued in China's space dream, every step, Jusheng jewelry common witness, the introduction of various types of collection of pure gold version of gold bars, for every one of our people left their cherished memory of space dreams! Shenzhou series of space theme precious metal collectibles produced by the National Manned Space Project Office, the highest national manned space project management agency, exclusively authorized State Road gold, authoritative, precious, no similar products can be compared. The Jiasheng jewelry is also unique in the collection of quality class, as the leading brand in Southern China gold collection, is the longest cooperation with China's manned space project dealers and has been concerned about the development of China's space industry, I inherit your space dream! As a designated sale brand of "Shenzhou Series", Jiasheng Jewelery Co., Ltd. has released the "Gold Series of Shenzhou Series" collection and investment wave with the feature collection of authoritative products. From the manned spacecraft Shenzhou VI to Shenzhou VII and VIII to today's spacecraft Shenzhou IX; from the record of China's lunar wonders of Chang'e I to Chang'e II; from carrying the dream of China's space Temple One Jiasheng Jewelry cooperated with such authorities as China's Manned Space Project Office and Beijing State Road Gold Co., Ltd. to launch the collection and investment of space theme themes such as the Shenzhou series, Chang'e series and Tiangong series over the years. The wave! According to reports, in 2013, China will launch the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft and continue its efforts to establish the space homeland for the dreams of its people. Jiasheng jewelry will, as always, support China's space industry and leave a deep impression on every country's space dream! Witness China's space epic per scene brilliant moment! For more details, please pay attention: Jiasheng jewelry official website: http:// Jiasheng jewelry Sina microblogging: http://weibo.com/jiashengjade.

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