On June 23, a vigorous green riding team emerged on the beach in Wuhan. This is the # Riding Green Tour of Wuhan Station in the whole city held by Macassini and "10,000 Environmental Attitudes". Cycling team composed of volunteers from Wuhan University and Maka Sini men set out from China University of Geosciences and rode about 46 kilometers along the way. Nearly 100 cyclists advocated environmental protection and low-carbon city life in this unique way, Individual action to change the surrounding environment to enhance. Throughout the ride, the volunteer fleet proceeded in an orderly manner and distributed eco-friendly creative fans along the way to promote the idea of ​​"easy going green" - you can be an environmentalist and interact with the public as long as you want. Riding volunteers dressed in green by Mackassini men's # # Green China trip # custom green shirt, under the guidance of the protection of the mighty car on the journey. Such a huge lineup has aroused the concern of many citizens, more people made a special trip came cheer for riders warriors. Lasted 4 and a half hours, # # green point line # Wuhan station riding perfect ending. After arriving at the finish line, a member of the Environmental Protection Corps from Macassini said: "Today, although very tired, I am very happy because I did something meaningful.It's a 45-kilometer ride to people living in the city It is a test of perseverance and conviction.Parking allows us to feel a healthy lifestyle of green travel, and thus more love of the city .Bicycle has the end, but environmental protection has no end, let us work together to create a low environmental protection Carbon green city contribution. "According to the organizers, June 26, Macassini and 10,000 green attitude # Point Green China is about to stop non-stop rushed to the fifth station - Shenyang Station, Shenyang Teachers College and other local eight Universities are waiting to take over the fifth round of environmental baton. Macassini Men has always advocated the "fashion, environmental protection, creativity," the core values ​​of the brand, the pursuit of sustainable and healthy fashion lifestyle. The public welfare undertaking will be integrated with the brand development. On the basis of "10,000 Environmental Protection Attitudes" large-scale grass-roots public welfare activities held in 2011, the public welfare activities will be initiated and the public will be encouraged to explore the social welfare needs around them , Putting love into action and expressing attitude with little action so that public welfare can truly become a way of life that everybody can achieve and live in a sunny way and make its contribution to the development of "green environmental protection and public welfare life".

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