From June 15th to June 17th, 2012, ADELA's 2012 autumn/winter new product launching conference and investment promotion conference with the theme of “transformation” was held at Agile Garden Hotel, with franchisees, agents, intentional joining customers and the industry from all over the country. Professionals gathered together to witness and feel the elegant fashion charm of Adelaide's 2012 autumn and winter clothing.

Conference theme

At the press conference, Sales Director Wang delivered an impassioned speech. He told the guests about the wonderful progress of Adeline clothing since its inception, and also explained the significance of the theme “Transformation” of this conference. The new development plan and prospect of Adelaide: On the products, ADLO has made bold breakthroughs and changes. The design style is in line with the international fashion trend. The most popular elements are used to show the elegance of ADLO costumes; on the terminal, it is transformed into intensive cultivation, aiming at different The regional market and consumer groups were finely divided, and the original cooperation between men and women was transformed into an independent brand operation for men and women; the original model of radiation from the country of Guangdong as a basis for the channels was transformed into a mode of operation that spreads across the country and takes a point and a face. Efforts to expand the brand's influence of ADLO to various markets across the country.

It is reported that ADLO2012 autumn and winter new product design uses this year's international autumn and winter the most popular gray, camel, green and other colors, clothing version to slim and simple design style, while using the color of the elements, coupled with comfortable materials, and strive to fashion and leisure The two elements blend together perfectly. Let consumers feel the accompanied fashion anytime anywhere. In addition, in the store terminal image, bold use of English classical style, the brand's connotation perfect display. Hanging around in the store, it seems as if you are traveling in a tunnel of time and space, with a classic decoration style and fashionable clothing. Let people linger!

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