Rebecca fashion hair accessories Rebecca fashion hair accessories

If you want to change your image, you don't have to change your clothes every day. The wig will fulfill your dreams.

Clever choice of hair style matching clothing will make the ordinary style more colorful, and the wig is a must-have item in the overall shape! Foreign stars have long been passionate about wigs, such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and even the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. In their classic style, the indispensable hero is the unique hairstyle.

Variety of shapes Variety of shapes

Rebecca (microblogging) is a close-knit fashion life for women all over the world. The unique design concept of each wig can subtly bring out the changing fashion charm of women, and show the fashion life of IN with “shape” and “color”. As a top fashion wig brand, Rebecca advocates that every woman with a beautiful dream can discover their potential charm in the trial and transformation, and strive to create a top fashion model, from the beginning to the perfect life philosophy.

Perfect for fashion trends and elegant styles Perfect for fashion trends and elegant styles

Rebecca draws inspiration from art and life with its unique creativity, and perfectly interprets fashion trends and elegance, creating a stylish lifestyle for Rebecca women. Back in 4,000 years ago in Egypt, the royal family at that time believed that wearing a wig was a symbol of identity and status. As early as the distant Spring and Autumn Period, there are records about wigs in The Book of Songs • The Emperor of the Gentlemen. In modern times, wigs are the new favorite of fashion, and become the 'beautiful weapon' of the beauty-loving people to dress up and enhance their image.

Following the popular egg rolls, lotus leaves, pear heads and short hair and clean flower buds in 2012, the 2012 international trend hairstyles pay more attention to color collision and architectural volume. Asymmetric tailoring and highlighting make the stereo cool instantly. The launch of the 2012 spring and summer fashion wig series is exactly the Rebecca fusion wig has a long history of noble connotation and the most popular trend of IN, and then another feast for the global fashion women.

The most popular trend of IN The most popular trend of IN

This season, Rebecca's designers are no longer constrained by specific media or forms. Instead, they deconstruct and reorganize traditional wigs with abstract ideas. Hair styles are combined with various hot faces and life rhythms. Aesthetics emerge from a rich and diverse form. This gave birth to two new series of “flow and shape” and “dance and color”.

Rebecca's Spring/Summer 2012 collection of “flow and shape” was inspired by the spiraling staircase of the Royal Museum. The hair stylist blends the three-dimensional rotating structure into the hair styling, making the lines clear and smooth, round and full, and the layers are tailored for flexibility and tension. The first-level steps are like the black and white keys of the piano, and the mottled light and shadow jumps on it, changing the rhythm and rhythm. This creates a flexible and pleasing hair that blends with the movements and highlights the feminine grace and elegance.

Glowing female youthful radiance Glowing female youthful radiance

The design of "Dance and Color" is inspired by the stained glass windows of the Rococo-style church, and the kaleidoscope-like colorful glass drives away the bleakness of winter. The hair color is even and soft, the color changes are delicate, the hair is healthy and moist, and the female youthful radiance is rejuvenated.

Rebecca, the world's largest manufacturer of multinational hair products and international wig industry standards, pioneered the "top fashion." After years of development, Rebecca has opened nearly 200 stores across the country, covering domestic first- and second-tier cities, and firmly established itself as a leader in the domestic wig industry.

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