Milan has created countless classic and fashion metropolis.

From Monte Napoleone to an ordinary alley

As if there are endless stories to tell.

Andy Andresail says life needs a trip that goes away.

This time, bring the beautiful open betu beauty with a strong Italian

Romantic style street shooting.

betu Look One - black elegant style

百图 - BETU

Milan street people wearing very stylish, regardless of men and women wear clothes and workmanship are very delicate. Dressed in betu15 winter series while she walks no matter where in this corner of the city, with the city's fashion without any sense of violation. Simple, detail-rich clothing makes her elegant and confident.

betu Look Two - fresh flower neon

游走米兰街头 跟随betu学习不同搭配风格

Leisure afternoon, the sun gradually warm. Put on jacket printed with poppy pattern to go straight to the outside of the room, immediately into the fresh atmosphere of art here. Poppy flowers are warm and miss flowers, everyone is looking forward to this piece of fashion has not yet happened fertile soil, in memory of what it used to have.

betu Look Three-fashion hit the color wind

游走米兰街头 跟随betu学习不同搭配风格

Bright and vibrant colors and white collision brought a strong visual enjoyment, for the monotonous winter with a fresh look. For a change of mood to experience the customs of a foreign country, beautiful exquisite, full of unknown freshness, to bring their own positive energy slowly.

betu Look Four - classic camel style

游走米兰街头 跟随betu学习不同搭配风格

Camel is undoubtedly the most classic winter colors. Wearing a warm, comfortable, contoured silhouette wears the body, walking in the sunny sunshine of Milan, making it a catchy pictorial poster without the need for deliberate poses and designs. In winter, the color and texture of the camel single product is particularly seasonable.

betu Look Five-handsome green army

游走米兰街头 跟随betu学习不同搭配风格

Most of the fashion is simple, as the wild "green leaf" it is tenacious growth in the cold, with unparalleled conquest of the fashion circle. In Milan, with too many things to modify appears artificial, a simple enough material green coat enough.

Traveling is only about finding yourself better. betu always with you on the way.

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