Winter is coming soon, think of the winter can not help but think of the representative of beautiful snowflakes. White snow always gives the people a good hope, the same is true of white, pure and clean words used to describe the white and then fit. So, winter wear white? What white coat look good? A series of answers Xiaobian to answer.


Xiao Bian feel white all year round are suitable for wearing, especially dull and cold winter, like a touch of spring, with the magic of purification effect. In the long section coat coat, fur collar design is very special, with people can not help but look more amazing effect, both warm and eye-catching. Double-breasted design, classic and practical, the same white buttons, to maintain the live white, looks very delicate and clean.

冬天适合穿白色外套吗 什么白色外套好看

Whose winter coat does not have a down jacket? However, there are a few people have such a very distinctive down jacket, short section of the treatment, conceal somewhat playful feel. Collar collar legislation adopted high legislation, erected when practicality is excellent, can be said that the storms are not afraid; turned down when it became concave one of the details. Sleeve made of adjustable length processing, caring and practical, to meet the different hand women, as well as the needs of different times. If you want to warm out at the same time, you can not miss this down jacket Oh!

Image Source: Clothes with Qinxiang

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