April is very busy! More festivals, more shops opened! More than a dozen shops waiting to open, Dai Dai brand's family busy enjoying themselves! April 6, Korean fast underwear chain first brand - Dai Qi underwear Yujiang County, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province grand opening.



With the development of Dai-Dai brand, more and more people join Dai Dai brand family, Dai-Qi brand adhere to the Korean fast fashion - style and fast updates, in pursuit of "customer service" for the purpose, to create "China's most competitive fashion underwear."


On the morning of April 6, the staff started to decorate the shop. There were not many people in the morning who had already started the shop inquiry. They learned that today, the top 30 customers who shop in the store can get a special use of the laundry bag A, where in the shop a shopping over 98 yuan, you can get a lucky scratch card, a one-time shopping over 196 yuan to get lucky scratch card two, and so on. Receive a scratch card to participate in lucky draw, prizes are ipad mini2, mobile power, fashion electronic scales, vouchers, and portable hand sanitizer package.


9 o'clock officially open, loud firecrackers, attracted young women on the road, couples, fashion aunt, etc. have entered the store. It is understood that Ms. Wang with her daughter, not only for their own to buy four or five sets of bras and home service, but also for the family bought two sets of home service, Ms. Wang said: "too concessions, just think of more to buy "


The new store opened, it is such a wayward concessions. The busy day is coming to a close and the sales all day are overwhelming for the staff. All the hard work is worth it.

Congratulations to the boss opened, but also expect more and more people to join Dai Dai family.

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