Trapped inside a woman's heart, try to start from underwear , a different pattern, fabric, style and function of the underwear can always show all aspects of a woman's different personalities, tastes and preferences and so on.

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Cotton underwear

If you have been favored cotton underwear, you must feel very young! Because cotton underwear is usually worn by little girls. Even if you are very feminine, but still retain a few naughty nature, but also quite keen on the movement. Latin American cotton underwear with invisible steel ring and the heart of the collar design to help you show the sexy woman's taste at the same time comfortable breathable without restraint.

从内衣着手了解女人性格 拉美儿内衣新款

Black underwear

Black stands for independence and seduction and can even show that you are a positive lover. High-quality black lingerie fabric makes you feel silky comfortable; in the evening, you are likely to use black unique mysterious sexy and noble temperament to charm your loved one. Latin American children's black underwear with "no significant mountain does not dew," the dark pattern embellishment, highlight the good taste of low profile, heart-shaped collar even more to show your fascinating career line.

从内衣着手了解女人性格 拉美儿内衣新款

With underwear

The so-called collocation underwear refers to the bras, shirts and pantyhose are as part of the overall garment. In this way you will want others to see you as a reconciled person who can always handle things smoothly. Latin American child lavender lingerie geometry design with scientific patterns of geometric ripples, very harmonious beauty, a touch of pink purple also reveals your sweet atmosphere, this sexy lingerie so that the small chest is very charming Oh.

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