Although the advent of the devil's goblins in winter is not welcome, the fact is that autumn really is going away from us. Although we can not catch the fall, but we can seize the colors of autumn, then let the dress accompany you more than a few days autumn. Xiao Bian recommended for you to give you a nice yellow ginger.


Sweaters can be said that the autumn and winter will be a failure, whether it is loose lazy self-cultivation is always a is your talent. A small twist knit in the high-necked sweater, neither too loose nor too self-cultivation, it is wild, coupled with a long black baseball down feather padded clothing, looks very interesting.

Let me talk about the jacket it, a H version of the jacket, your body will be just right modification, dark buckle design, does not undermine the overall clothes, looks more Fan. Although the design of the pocket weakens the practicality, it adds a sense of design and looks very special. You are not looking for such a jacket, so that your leather pants have come in handy, dress up you can have a warm. Ginger always gives a person an irresistible warmth, so the autumn leaves yellow, do not quickly get up.

Picture credit: Sissi

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