Well- known fashion designer Mr. Kim was invited to attend the Milan fashion show in Milan, Italy held 2013 Sophie Chapa Haute Couture fashion show in Milan, the famous Italian fashion capital released the brand's spring and summer 2013 women.

Sophie Xia Pa senior women's clothing brand in China Xia Pa Ruili Fashion Co., Ltd. under a well-known senior women's brand. As a famous original designer high-level women's clothing brand, the Italian media made a report on the Chinese clothing brand in Milan women's press conference. That the Chinese apparel brand Sophie Sipa senior women's clothing design simple and luxurious. Chinese original designers in the fashion design art extraordinary achievements have been recognized by foreign media.

Some 1,800 people from fashion circles, fashion companies, fashion academies, Chinese and foreign journalists and Chinese-funded agencies based in Italy and local overseas Chinese from Italy and other countries watched the conference.


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