A few days ago, Nanchang citizen Ms. Fang called and said that she recently heard that silk was not exposed to the sun. I wonder if it is true? In this regard, experts from the Jiangxi Sericulture Tea Research Institute said that silk is not exposed to the sun, even if the sun time is short, it is recommended to be transparent in the ventilation.

Ms. Fang said that the silk in the house was bought for two years. It was warm when I bought it, but when I covered it this year, I found that the quilt was thinner and not warm. "Last year, I also got outside to get a few times and I have been sunburned this year, but the quilt is still not warm." Ms. Fang said that she was told that she was unable to get the silk, she did not know this. Is it right?

Subsequently, the reporter consulted the Jiangxi Sericulture Tea Research Institute on this matter, and the researcher of the research institute, Ms. Peng, told the reporter that the silk was indeed not exposed to high temperatures. Ms. Peng said that silk is actually a kind of protein, which is easily denatured after exposure to high temperatures, which will affect its warmth. Therefore, residents should be able to choose when the sun is not strong, and the time should not be too long. It is best to put it in a well ventilated place and pat it gently.

At the same time, Ms. Peng said that the silk that Ms. Fang said was thinned. In fact, after the quilt absorbed the sweat of the human body, the silk stuck together. In this case, Ms. Fang can loosen the silk herself.

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