With the rapid development of the market economy, people's living standards have also increased, while the home furnishing market has also shortened the time required for upgrading home textile products, and the market demand has gradually increased. Compared with some tobacco, alcohol, and digital products in the market, home textile brands actually spend a lot of time in the gift industry. However, home textiles have gradually become a hot favorite after they have gradually become gifts.

Home Textiles Business Moves to Gift-based Route Sales Multi-channel Parallelism

In recent years, we can see that more and more home textile companies are willing to participate in the gift exhibition. Home textiles are seasonal sales products. Especially during the holiday season, businesses have huge profits, so more businesses will take the opportunity to target gifts. The market has entered the gift line, and in just a few short years, sales of home textile gifts have risen to around 20% to 30% of sales of gift companies. Such a large market has created unlimited business opportunities for the development of home textile gifts.

Throughout the country, whether it is Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen's gift show, more and more home textile companies have broken through the traditional home textile exhibition thinking, and has established a close communication and cooperation model with the gift exhibition, home textile is undoubtedly the only home Next to the Chaoyang industry of small household appliances. However, in the gift market's strong pursuit of "new" and "special" trends, it is particularly urgent and important for the home textile industry to highlight its advantages and avoid disadvantages.

Health and comfort products are the foundation

More and more home textile companies have played the slogan of “healthy home textile gifts” and emphasized the concept of product health. Healthy home textile gifts are undoubtedly the winners in the gift market. Once the major trend of gift demand is formed, choosing a healthy home textile gift and enjoying a new realm of healthy life will deeply affect the follow-up market mainstream.

Multi-channel competition is the way out

Home textile companies can also jointly develop with other home furnishing industries. Binding with furniture, building materials, furniture, weddings and other industries can be an effective way for home textile products. The situation of co-prosperity with the purchase of bedding, bed and bedding will also bring new business opportunities. At the same time with the combination of wedding photography, diamond ring gold ornaments, etc., is also an important opportunity for wedding home textiles, the continuation of the concept of wedding, extended the extension of the celebration. During the event, if you purchase the amount of home textile products, you can send beautiful home accessories. The home furnishing companies can also use home textile products as gifts when they are doing promotions. Such an interactive promotion method can effectively integrate the resources of the two companies, concentrate their advantages, and do a great job in promoting the promotion activities. It can also save the funds of both parties to some extent.

Products are the foundation for business development, and marketing is a means for companies to expand their markets. In the downturn of the market, in addition to the need for good products to impress consumers, they also need to make innovations and breakthroughs in marketing techniques. At the same time, we should also extend the home textile industry chain so that products can meet the needs of the overall home space decoration, use product advantages, integrate designer resources, provide one-stop service for products in home design, and expand the scope and space for product use. To achieve full marketing purposes.

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