Fabrics - Functional Fibers Functional fibers appear in people's field of vision as functional clothing and functional textiles become more and more. As early as ten years ago, functional clothing has been widely used, and there are common outdoor mountaineering clothing and radiation station uniforms. In recent years, functional household textiles have begun to meet consumers on the market.

Today Xiao Bian will share with you several common functional fibers and their applications in the field of clothing and textiles.

Anti-ultraviolet fiber Ultraviolet -resistant fiber made by ultraviolet shielding agent through melt spinning, the screening rate of ultraviolet rays is more than 92%, and at the same time it has a certain shielding effect on heat radiation, and is mainly used for making summer shirts, T-shirts and sunshades. Umbrella etc.

Far-infrared fibers have fibers that absorb and emit far infrared rays. It is a metal or non-metal oxide (such as ceramic powder) that has the ability to emit far-infrared energy, mixed into, and evenly dispersed into, the fiber. Not only can it absorb sunlight or the far-infrared rays radiated by the human body to increase its temperature, but it can emit far-infrared rays whose wavelength and power correspond to its temperature in any temperature field above absolute zero, so that far-infrared fibers can be kept warm. The excellent functions of health care and antibacterial have won people's attention. Products are mainly used in medical and health care.

Anti-Cockroach Antimicrobial Fibers are made by incorporating an antibacterial/anti-caries finish into spinning dope. To make it has a broad spectrum of antibacterial, thermal stability characteristics. The function is long-lasting, safe, reliable and does not produce drug resistance. The products are mainly used for underwear, sanitary materials and bedding.

Anti-static fiber Through the modification of synthetic fibers, the anti-static agent is added inside the polymer or the third monomer is introduced so that the fiber itself has anti-static ability. The anti-static fiber will be made into pre-determined grammage of metal fiber slivers and polyester-cotton fiber slivers on the draw frame for multiple times, so that the metal fibers are uniformly mixed in the yarn and then woven into fabrics. Antistatic properties depend on the content of metal fibers. Products are mainly used for carpets, curtains, ** operating room overalls, and anti-fouling anti-sticking and other civilian textiles.

There are also high-temperature flame-retardant fiber, environmental protection fiber, intelligent fiber and so on. These functional fibers are made of special functional materials through special materials and processing techniques. These fabrics are then produced into products for use in specific areas and serve people better.

With the increase of the aging market in China, the industry segmentation is more sophisticated, and the adjustment and self-discipline of the entire functional health care industry are being standardized and improved step by step. Functional products will be more and more attention and use by consumers. Functional fibers will usher in the spring of development.

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