As we all know, as China's economy continues to grow at a rapid rate, Chinese consumers’ demand for jewellery and jade articles is increasing. Since last year, the annual output value of Chinese jewellery and jade has exceeded 200 billion yuan, and China has become the world’s largest jade jade consumer market.

According to incomplete statistics, the annual demand and processing volume of jadeite wool in China is nearly 10,000 tons, and millions of processing employees are involved. Processing bases are widely used throughout the country, and the scale is increasing. China has become the world's largest jadeite processing industry. base. Since 2001, finished products have been sold back to all parts of Myanmar, and are mainly exported to all parts of Asia and across the world. China accounts for more than 70% of the world's jade jade product sales and more than 80% of jadeite processing volume.

The prosperity of the Jade Jade Market in China has driven the rapid development of the processing industry and the speed of the expansion of the processing scale, thereby prospering the domestic market for Jade bet stone. After a few years, the jade gambling gambling stone market has developed from the low tide to the climax, from the China-Burma border to the coast of Guangdong and across the country. The jade gambling gambling stone market has experienced several ups and downs and changes from start to development, mature growth, prosperity and stability, and forms a new jade gambling stone. Market structure.

At present, the distribution pattern of the jade bet stone market is mainly distributed in the economically developed coastal areas. The main famous jade stone betting markets are: Pingzhou, Guangzhou, Jieyang, Shenzhen, Sihui in Guangdong, Tengchong, Yingjiang, Ruili and Kunming in Yunnan, Nanyang and Zhenping in Beijing, Shanghai, Henan, and Hong Kong. Four emerald gambling stone markets.

Guangdong is currently the largest jade bet market in the country. Its main features are the large scale of jade bet stone market, the largest number of bet stone manufacturers, the high grade of bet stones, and the high maturity of the market. The surrounding economy of Jade bet stone market is relatively developed, and the business of jadeite wool materials is the most and the best. The market has the largest number of processing bases.

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