Cold winter, how to bid farewell to bloated? Was thin woolen coat so that women always maintain a slender posture. Doran empress ladies designed for the new era of intellectual woman shape. Streamlined version, but it has its own unique charm, with the international trendy. Here are two of us are very significant figure introduced, like girls can start to consider it.


This Scottish plaid jacket, very big temperament. The combination of stand-collar and waist, the workplace women's fashion set off is in place. Ribbon embellishment bow, sketched slim figure. Pleated skirts, diagonal pockets, more feminine. High heels, naturally a must have item.

冬季如何告别臃肿  呢子大衣显瘦搭配

This purple, in the winter will be very popular. Liner age-reducing color, suitable for urban women. Delicate fur collar decoration, bowknot button embellishment, high-quality wool, specifically for women to create. This new charm, I believe you can not restrain the love of fashion, hurry to shop buy it.

Picture from: Doran Dresses

Non Stick Oven Crisper Mats & Pizza Mesh

Our Non Stick Oven Crisper Mats & Pizza Mesh/Non stick oven mats/Non stick pizza mats was specially coated with a non stick surface,and oven heat can circulate through the mesh,Oven Mats and Pizza Mesh can prevent soppy,uneven cooking,evenly crisping the crust of pizza,fries,pies,pastries,spring rolls,chicken wings,chicken nuggets,fish sticks,bread rolls,baguette,etc. And will let the bottom of these food always deliciously crispy.

The General Characteristics is:

  1. 100% non-stick
  2. Re-usable
  3. Open mesh allows heat recirculation around food, perfect cooking!
  4. Fit for many kinds of foods
  5. Microwave and oven are safe up to 260°C
  6. Easy to clean.simply wash and dry between uses
  7. No oil or Butter, healthy cooking
  8. Complies with food regulations, was approved by FDA, LFGB etc.

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