In the winter tail, the spring women have slowly entered the life. With the melting snow, bright colors and brilliant patterns have climbed the spring ladies. This issue, Xiaobian HS ladies brought you a new theme for the spring, we see avant-garde fashion and minimalist design, as well as the most feminine design, and even filled with tropical printing and sports style of the young design, which It will surely make you feel the charm of spring and create new expectations for spring.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Urban Impressionism - Open modern spring journey

This series is from the winter to the spring of the band, using a natural rock version, and impressionist combination of structural approach to create a modern and modern feel. At the same time, this series also uses a woven material, the rate of profiling, to create the city of modern Impressionism.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Spring flowers - open the spring inspiration trip

Spring is reminiscent of flowers. This season's flowers combine with the inspiration for interstellar travel. Throughout this series, combining the modern stripe elements, you can create the elegant and elegant spring theme.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Pop Party - Open the spring dynamic trip

Inspired by Matisse's modern Pop Art illustration, this collection uses a printed collage to become a unique print style, echoing the style of paper-cut flowers and combining dynamic, wide-stripe elements.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Elegant new format - open the elegant spring tour

Inspired by the high street fashion, this collection incorporates 15 of the most popular graffiti elements, combined with a sub-colored grid that conveys a sense of style and style.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Art Studio - Open Spring Literary Trip

Artistic sense of illustration and flower version is a major trend in spring and summer of 15, this series uses a color block graffiti crystal original stone version, fresh colors with a modern, and the transparent material to create a rich Artistic atmosphere.

HS春季女装新主题  2015春季女装流行趋势

Palm Coast - Open Spring Leisure Tour

Spring holiday, the palm element is essential, and the combination of wave point is even more fresh and elegant, and classical elements and figures to join, making the palm element unique, the late spring series leads to a refreshing summer style.

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