[China Glass Net] In the processing of stone, metal, glass and other materials with higher hardness, you will find the same problem. If you pay little attention to the knife, or the knife speed is too fast, the tool will be easily damaged. In fact, these can be avoided as much as possible. We can let the stone engraving machine use different undercut methods to avoid these problems.

One of the simpler methods is to lower the Z-axis speed in the machining parameters. This is a more common way. If the engraving file is more complicated, the number of times of lifting the knife is more, this method is not preferable because This will waste a lot of time. In the engraving process, if the design content is complicated, the number of lower knives is higher. We can also use the slanted slotted lower boring, the spiral boring, and the broken line.

Select the graphic or text to be processed, enter the {Tool Path:: Area Engraving} function; the system pops up the area engraving dialog box, select the "Advanced Plan" mode; click the "Roughing Parameters" property page, select the "below the lower knife mode" Select the box, activate; then click the "Blade Mode" button, the system will pop up a dialog box. Different undercut methods can effectively avoid the damage of the engraving machine cutter.

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