Spring girl with a bit warm, somewhat floral, somewhat angry shy always inadvertently fall into the world. Now that the countdown has come to the spring ... What color of our dress should we use to welcome this colorful spring? Next, BERNIEELEN Burnett teaches you how to use purple, elegant throughout the spring.


1, fresh jungle floral prints, romantic purple, elegant flowers, so that the coat adds delicate aesthetic feeling. With narrow waist wide leg purple shorts. The overall harmony of color, so you fashion atmosphere at the same time, the elegance of the stand out.


2, Loose and natural cut, medium-length lilac coat, with abstract purple printing T-shirt, not only make your skin white and delicate, but also create your own elegant aura.


3, the white flower of the very classical charm, full of vitality enjoy the stretch petals, straight profile straight jacket with a flush skirt, is nowadays the world's most popular suite with. Vivid and lovely while full of elegance!


4, white elegant elegant print dress exquisite and delicate, with the same color retro short paragraph purple cardigan, the color collision of a new spring elegant style.


5, elegant fresh lilac proclaimed a beautiful spring is coming, fresh jungle floral print dress is not only with a thick atmosphere of Fontainebleau, let you enjoy the elegant and romantic feelings of the beautiful spring.

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