This year's winter is very popular splicing paragraph. Stitching clothing than the solid color or printing must be resistant to see a lot. Lesoths splicing down jacket described below from color to fabric, are very remarkable, praised by the vast number of consumers. Wild style, for the urban women to pass the fashion and trends.


White this mosaic down jacket blend of pure white and purple confused. Unique button embellishment, creative. This splicing section is not only generous and practical, but also very attractive temperament. Fluffy style, giving a top-ranking upper body effect, with a purple sweater and gray shorts, elegant and graceful.

今年流行的拼接服装 拼接羽绒服什么样的好看

Black and white grid is also a classic element, splicing black hand sleeve, was thin version, suitable for all types of girls. It is a down jacket down jacket, hooded design, with the doll collar shirt and black collar pants, simple and beautiful, coupled with the bright color of the bag, the overall is very elegant.

Picture credit: Lesotho Women

Shamballa Earrings

Shamballa Earrings are pure and clean, subtle and cute, loved by more and more women, also many man like to wear the man shamballa stud earrings to dress up themselves. The shamballa earrings make them more fashion and sports.
how to make one style of shamballa earrings? Shamballa beads on metal hook or metal studs, make to the shamballa earrings like shamballa stud earrings, shamballa hoop earrings, shamballa drop earrings and so on. Usually we use 8mm,10mm,12mm shamballa beads for shamballa earrings.

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