Purple sand collector Guo Ming teaches you to choose teapot

With the increasing popularity of tea culture, people who like to drink tea have their own teapot is nothing new. More and more people who love to drink tea have found that good tea needs to be accompanied by a good purple tea set, so that a better tea soup can be brewed. Where do you need to pay attention when buying teapot? Let's take a look at the opinions given by experts.

Fuzhou Zisha collector Guo Ming introduced that novices should make sure that their purpose is to make tea or to collect before they purchase teapots. If it is to make tea, then according to the specific requirements of their tea, from the mud, capacity, modeling and other aspects to choose teapot. For example, brewing a pot of rock tea requires selecting a larger pot, which is beneficial to the stretching of tea; for brewing black tea, it is necessary to select a spout that is relatively high, because the black tea is relatively small, and it is necessary to prevent the spout from being blocked; Tieguanyin will use Zhuni because it has a relatively high density and is close to porcelain, which is beneficial to the retention of Tieguanyin's aroma. If it is for collection, it must fully consider the characteristics of mud and craftsmanship and modeling.

When novices buy teapots, it is also important to choose the type of pot they like after definitive use. This is also where many teapot lovers are fascinated. When selecting a pot, it can be considered whether the shape and size of the pot are well-proportioned, and the spout, pot handle, and cover button are in a straight line, and whether “point, line, and face” are in harmony, and whether the pot lid is close and free to rotate freely. Whether the mouth or mouth is uniform or not, whether the water in the teapot is long, acute and round, whether the color of the kettle is moist, there is a faint gleam, and whether the handle feels comfortable is easy to handle and so on. If the demand is higher, it depends on whether there is a pot, whether the overall shape of the teapot looks like charm, whether the momentum has artistic appeal and visual impact.

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