Pencil club has been upholding the corporate social responsibility of a company all the way in the past nine years, all the way to practice. These nine years are not only the history of corporate brand development, but also the practice of social responsibility! Has always put the social responsibility of corporate culture first "pencil club" children's wear, always adhere to the "first love to have the need to People around "concept, whether it is to do product care, concern for employees or love for the community," love "is the main theme of the same. Sonata ------ bit by bit warm, the transmission of love "In any difficulty, the purpose of giving love to those in need can not be changed" This is the "Pencil Club" commitment. In November 2007, Pencil Club launched a series of public welfare activities called "Concern for Orphans, Call for Love" and called for the whole society to pay attention to the growth of orphans. And set an example for organizing one after another helpless activities, with love for children to build a warm city wall. This action has been unanimously affirmed by the entire society and has also stimulated a wave of charity that helps the poor. In January 2008, the "Pencil Club" "Affection for Poor Children in Hunan" officially kicked off, giving warmth to poor children in Hunan Province and donated a total of hundreds of thousands of yuan in value - The company under the shadow of the international financial crisis is undoubtedly a large number, but the Pencil Club insists on its own commitment. He Lifang, chairman of a smile and said: "Look at the children a happy smile, I think those are worth the pay! I also believe that enterprises will be able to go through the hardships of the children's happiness 2012, Pencil Club "and then to the Hope Primary School of Manitou Gange Township, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region to give love, this is located in the western Sichuan mountains among the villages, traffic inconvenience, isolation, beautiful and closed, which led to the generational poverty and backwardness, many The children did not have the chance to go to school because the "Pencil Club" brought the sunshine to their life, brought the warmth, brought the knowledge and wisdom, and helped the more than 100 mountain children have been Of the campus dream .When the bursts of reading came from the classroom, "Pencil Club" again with her love again ... ... "Pencil Club" firmly believe that every little bit of warmth will be a A copy of precious love.

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