Winter, very cold. However, the Yi nationality girl in Honghe, Yunnan Province, is not afraid. After four or five years of paying attention and thinking, she finally made the right choice and successfully signed a contract with her underwear brand . Join the doll underwear brand family, will have a large platform for its development.

可娃衣-kewayi 祝贺:云南红河的彝族姑娘海梅与可娃衣内衣品牌签约

May doll clothing underwear focus on girls groups, to provide professional underwear with. Doll clothing positioning clear, well-designed, more different from the adult mature, charming and sexy underwear, suitable for all ages of adolescent girls and identity differences in personality, as other products can not be replaced. As the world's leading professional girl underwear founder and girl health experts, doll clothes on the health of the young girl, beautiful girl life career, and actively advocate!


May doll to girls bra, underwear, pajamas, sling-based, and the other girls leisure / sportswear, girls home service, girls swimwear, girls birthday underwear, mother and daughter deep underwear, toys, jewelry and so on. Rich product structure and excellent quality make it popular among teenage girls ... The product line covers a very wide range of underwear brands such as doll clothes, you will get the professional support of the brand business will also have a brand business Send out the spree, there is the intention of the dealer, quickly move it. For doll clothes underwear message, brand companies in the shortest possible time to get in touch with you to negotiate to join matters.

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