Cold winter, surrounded by a depression of the scene. If you go to the green will be particularly eye-catching, become the most beautiful street most spring clothing. Green cotton clothes, lively youth, reduce the age of the skin, struck again this winter surge. Red bamboo brand women in adhering to their own unique style at the same time into the international trendy elements, leading the new era of women in the forefront of fashion.


This cotton dress uses the latest trend of splicing elements, is a large number of fashionable women love the style. Fresh and elegant Yayun green, bring optimism and warmth, can not copy the positive energy color so that winter has become so romantic and beautiful. Stitching knit sleeve hand, wave pattern was thin version, with a black skirt, pretty attractive.

绿色棉服时尚回潮 秋冬棉服搭配

This green cotton dress typical waist version, in winter can also outline the charming waistline. White lamb fur collar decoration, not only for the overall warmth but also adds a stylish atmosphere. With a water-blue sweater and black shorts, charming temperament, the whole is a range of children. Green cotton, so that the winter is no longer cold.

Picture from: hyz women's clothing

Para Aramid Glove

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High Temperature Environment
General Workplace
Security Men
Automotive Industry
Meat Factory
Glass Industry
Furniture Making

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