Core Tip: During the winter cold season, many people wear masks of various names, such as dustproof and warm, when they travel by bicycle.

Wearing a mask when the temperature is low can provide a good warming effect for rhinitis and asthma patients. If you catch the foggy weather, there are more harmful particles such as dust and smoke that condense in the air. You can also effectively wear masks. Is isolated from the human body to avoid respiratory diseases. However, the size of the mask to be worn should be moderate, so that most of the area below the mouth, nose and eyelids can be covered after wearing, and it is not suitable for too large or too small.

The delicious cover is also a double-edged sword. It is good for the human body when used. If it is used improperly, it may be counterproductive. First of all, wearing a mask should vary from person to person, and the wearing time is also stressful. When the temperature is low, you can wear cold. If the temperature is high, you should feel the fresh air. Secondly, you should distinguish the front and back of the mask when you wear it. Fold it in the front (on the side of the nose and mouth), do not hang it on your neck, and don't wear the opposite side. Because the back is exposed, it is covered with dust, germs, and it is easy to pass these harmful substances through the nose and mouth after contact with the human body. Inhalation of the body, damage to human health. Then prepare a few more masks, it is best to use the wash (use one wash), wash with boiling water for 5 minutes, then wash with soap, rinse with water and hang in the hot sun to dry.

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