IDF Yi Di Philippine underwear "Flower early spring Smart" series of new products, begin your secret wardrobe in this early spring, with you to explore the inspiration journey.


Advanced embroidery lace elegant retro, very court feeling, 3/4 cup basic models, more support high chest, excluding the sense of restraint and weight, the side width of the bit design is effective to push the armpit fat side of the cup to prevent the expansion of the chest At the same time a better coating smooth Fu Yan and fat, so that your chest line to mention, leading to the perfect 1: 1: 1 Golden Triangle.


Sophisticated and sophisticated sophisticated embroidery elegance, different from the traditional embroidery lace, showing an elegant and stylish visual effects, the chicken heart bit with exquisite rhinestones decoration, shine feminine, full of fascinating temptation, using flash elastic material plus bomb network double design , With good stretch machine recovery, wearing breathable, comfortable, both to strengthen the stereotypes shaping effect, but also to protect the bra life.

Tianshuo Architectural Membranes used in permanent structures, made of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Available in a range of strengths and light transmission levels to cover any size structure from a full-sized stadium to a relatively small skylight. Our Architectural Membranes is light ,highly tensile strength.peel strength and fine pliability, the premium properties of cleaning, light transmittance, reflectivity, tensile structures provide up to 20 years or more of reliable service.

Acoustically absorptive membranes used as liners in Architectural Membrane systems. Not only attenuates sound, but also enhances the thermal characteristics of fabric roof systems. Acoustical membranes are translucent, Non-stick, non-burning, porous composites based on fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)PTFE coated Architectural Membranes ae the world`s most utilized structural roofing and building materials,and have the following General Characteristics:Acoustically absorptive membranes

*Excellent translucent performance
*High mechanical strength and dimensional stability
*Super fireproof property
* Stain Resistant and excellent independent self-cleaning performance
* Long life


Architectural Membrane

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