The color of the jade is colorful and the germplasm is ever-changing. In recent years, with the subdivision of jadeite, water and color, new nouns have been created. Qingshui is a popular word in recent years. She does not belong to the professional terminology of jade. In the strict sense, her name should be sunny. Clear water is actually the color of a jade base, or the background color of the jade color.

The origin of the name of Qingshui Qingshui Green Jade is an image metaphor for the color of jade in the industry. The origin is related to the climate of Yunnan. Yunnan is known as the "South of the Clouds". The mountains are high and the clouds are low. The white clouds are floating in the sky. It is very charming. Especially in the rainy season in Yunnan, there are often showers in the sky. Raindrops come with clouds and come with clouds. Also in a hurry, go and rush, often the sunrise in the east, the rain in the west, the scenery is very charming. When the showers pass, the sky is clear and the air is clear. Under the map of the blue sky, the pond lake water will have a light and even green tone.
The jade and jade merchants in Yunnan will apply the image of the lake at this moment to the color of the jade, and the green that appears evenly and lightly in the jade is called “clear green”, and the “clear water” is the lake after the rain. The “water” also represents the roundness and transparency of the jade texture, that is, the head of the water; the “water green” is similar to the uniform and light green in the jade.

Blue water, clear water Clear water with a light blue or green color. The blue water is blue in color and is distinguished from the greenish water of pale green. It is also called blue water, and the water is especially green. In terms of value, the clear water of the same germplasm, the color of the green water is more "clear" than the blue water, the color is more clear and beautiful, and the value is naturally higher than the blue water.
Good sunny jade has the following characteristics:
First, the species should be old enough. Second, the color is pleasing to the eye, pure, whether it is blue or green, the color is just right.
Third, the foundation is clear and delicate, no ash, black tone.
Fourth, the jade is pure, without cotton, sputum, dirty, and cracked.

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