2013 spring and summer MOVEUP women's wear , with six bands tells the story of a beautiful seed of growth: joy sowing, shaking hands the earth, rhetoric, sunshine feast, happy harvest, love all the rage. Through the beautiful growth of a seed, it reflects our praise of this splendid life and the infinite vision of the future.


【Joy sowing】 Sweater color mosaic soft blending. Neckline petal-shaped design slightly cute but not childish, and harem pants used underwear is the "morning twilight" dyeing process, the color sense is like the morning twilight as hazy and mysterious. Up and down the mix, the overall style is quite avant-garde street fashion sense, both the style of fashion and leisure, but also suitable for wearing as a sport.


【Joy sowing】 up and down color splicing, sharp collision, sleeves and trousers part of the circular arc splicing design style, lively and humorous. Dress sweater loose and comfortable, micro-crotch underwear fashion design sense of strong, with a set of personalized sports suit.

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